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Welcome to your Mon Decor Online Shop!

The mail order service Mon Decor GmbH is your specialist for Visual Merchandising with style. Our product selections ascend beyond decorations and also cover your needs with effective point of sale and product displays, endless packaging ideas with boxes and shopping bags, jewellery care solutions, corporate gift ideas as well as lifestyle accessories that are ideal for resale. The Mon Decor catalogue is brought to you twice a year with many inspirations and style trends, to offer you what you need and to be the impulse in creating inviting showcase windows and welcoming atmospheres in your store. In addition, authentic and heartfelt customer service are the things that make us stand out above the rest, but also make you stand out and shine above the rest as well.

The blend of classical elegance and unique designs is what has become the Mon Decor signature. Our arrangements are concepted to create stories and awaken the attention and awareness to your showcases and working environments. Eyecatching. Just as your own customers and clients discover new worlds and enjoy a wonderful experience while shopping with you, we want you to experience the same while working and shopping with us. We select our products based on their uniqueness, their originality, their colours and together, that combines the perfect visual mix.

You will find seasonal decorations such as Spring Decorations, Summer Decorations, Autumn and Winter Decorations. We open the doors to create wonderful Christmas Worlds with our Christmas Decorations, and Easter Bunnies canít be forgotten either when we let you discover magical Easter Decorations. Many of our products however are also All Year Decorations. We have a wonderful constant, but also ever changing selection of Floral Decorations such as orchids and lillies. We place value on offering you quality products. You will have to take more than just a second look to realise that our florals arenít fresh from the garden, rather artfully created florals. Weíll take you through Asian Worlds with our Asian Decoration, allow you to discover fairy tale worlds with pink glittering mushrooms and sparkling butterflies. Alice would definitely have found her Wonderland with us. Mon Decor is a true inspiration when it comes to decorating your store showcase, your office environments, your conference rooms, your hotel decorations, but also your personal working space.

But it is also our Customer Service that is just as important to us as it is to offering you the best and most unique products. We value our work together with you and we appreciate our work together with you. We love what we do, and we do it because of you! Feel free to give us a call or write us an email with your decoration questions. You can also subscribe to our bi-monthly Newsletter which offers you exclusive special offers, products that are also only exclusive to our online shop and not found in our catalogue, simply because our Trend Scouts are always out there looking for more fabulous and wonderful ideas and products to offer you.

Itís a wonderful world, itís a decorating world. Itís a Mon Decor world. And weíre happy that you found us!

Wishing you happiness and joy, a wonderful world and together with you, our aim is to make it just a bit more beautiful!


your Kling Team.